Outcomes & Testimonials

Across Kalamazoo County

Our program reach extends far beyond the families that benefit from tuition assistance. The mentorship, professional development, and whole child support offered every one of our 54 affiliated programs benefits all children in those classrooms.

Children who receive high-quality early care and education do better in school and life, which improves their lives and the status of their communities.

Evidence consistently shows that high-quality early education and care produces life-changing outcomes for children, strengthens families, helps children have a smoother transition to kindergarten, and spurs economic development for their region.

Such programs produce $3 in extra earnings for the local economy for every $1 invested, as well as benefits from reduced crime and special education costs.

Children in high-quality programs are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to commit crimes.

An effective early childhood offering and educated workforce attract companies and investment to our region.


I love all of the resources for families and teachers. I appreciate that I have been able to use these resources as a teacher, as well as a parent. My daughter had an amazing year at PreK International and is so excited for kindergarten.

— Stephanie S., Teacher and Parent, PreK International

KC Ready 4s really impacted my child, so much that now she is able to communicate and play with all children very well. The teachers at Curious Kids help her to think creatively and on her own. She always loved to go to school and she had fun.

— Ramakrishna G., Parent, Curious Kids Bright Beacons

The hours of pre-K are very convenient. I do not follow you on Facebook. I was not aware of the Facebook page. I have not attended any workshops or trainings. We have not participated in the high-quality supports. Understandably, the teachers have a lot on their plates and they try their best; however, if the parents aren’t informed we don’t know [about these opportunities]. I wasn’t aware of the Facebook page or a workshop.

— Gwenee’ H., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

This program is great and helps children to get ready for kindergarten.

— Praveena P., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

My girls’ speech has improved substantially this school year. They have learned so much and have improved on their emotional maturity as well. Thank you for all your help and knowledge.

— Alyse M., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

Yes, my daughter is learning. No, I don’t follow you on Facebook. I attended the first meeting. The high-quality supports have been beneficial to me.

— Mayra T., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

KC Ready 4s really helps our routine at home make sense to him and easier to understand by also having a routine at school as well. He is socializing more with his little brother at home as well since starting the program.

— Kayla B., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

KC Ready 4s has allowed us to work and maintain a stable household income. We follow the Learning Village Facebook page but not the KC Ready 4s page. KC Ready 4s has been great!

— Barbara H., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

This has been a great experience for my son from the beginning to the end. He now recognizes letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. He learned how to problem solve and how to participate in a group setting. His teachers are so loving and caring they provided our family help in the areas needed with his speech improvement and behavior.

— Darsheena W., Parent, Learning Village on Lake Street

Everything has been great! Our daughter has learned a lot and enjoys going to school every day. She comes home every day and tells me everything she did and what she learned. The Lunch & Learn was very fun, too – we loved it!

— Rachel S., Parent, Lakeland Creative Beginnings

I loved participating in the Lunch & Learn “Everyday Fun with Math”. It was a fun way to spend quality time together while learning fun ways to engage her.

— Sarah P., Parent and Teacher, Lakeland Creative Beginnings

My daughter enjoyed the KC Ready 4s program and I was very pleased with it, too. She is ready for kindergarten!

— Megan S., Parent, Lakeland Creative Beginnings

KC Ready 4s was a great program. The funding alone was a huge help to my family financially. My daughter really benefitted with this program socially and mentally, and it feels like it helped prepare her for her upcoming school year.

— Heather O., Parent, Lakeland Creative Beginnings

KC Ready 4s has positively set my child up for success by preparing him for kindergarten. The high-quality that has been provided by KC Ready 4s is a value-added experience and educational basis that is clear and evident.

—Cassandra V., Parent, Lakeland Creative Beginnings

Two of my children have benefitted from KC Ready 4s in the past four years, and I could not be more thankful. Without the high-quality staff, curriculum and resources put in place, my children would not have been as ready to transition to kindergarten or as successful academically or socially. We really enjoyed the Everyday Fun with Math Lunch & Learn. Thank you!

— Breanna M., Parent, Lakeland Creative Beginnings

I think it helped him to get ready for 5 days a week in kindergarten. I do not follow on Facebook. I attended the Lunch & Learn – very cool! I believe it has prepared him very well for kindergarten.

— Karlie G., Parent, Lakeland Creative Beginnings